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Introducing the ON AIR Airbrush – the must-have trend of 2024 that everyone is talking about! Stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest brow trend with our cutting-edge airbrush technology. This wireless and portable Airbrush is your go-to tool to create Brow Magic. 

New to the airbrush technique? Join our exclusive online Airbrush course to learn how to make the most of your ON AIR Airbrush. 


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  • The hottest trend of 2024 that's taking the beauty world by storm, Airbrush Hybrid Brows! Designed to be used with our Liquid Dye with Keratin. What makes the ON AIR Airbrush so exceptional? It's all about efficiency and super smooth results. Easily control the fluid flow with the automatic spray gun function. Press the switch to turn on the air and release the liquid after moving the trigger. Ready to create the most stunning brows!

    With its advanced technology, the airbrush delivers flawless results with minimal effort, allowing you to create defined brow looks in record time. Pair it with our
    Airbrush Developer & Airbrush Stickers for all creative possibilities and flawless finishes.

    What you will get:

    • Airbrush machine
    • 2x cup
    • USB-C charging cable
    • Cleaning tools


    • Air pressure of up to 23 PSI and a higher airflow
    • 0.3mm thin nozzle for optimal brow dye spraying
    • Charging with a high-capacity battery of 1200 mAh
    • Color: Purple

    Want to learn all the ins and outs of the Airbrush technique? We're thrilled to offer our exclusive Airbrush ON AIR Masterclass, led by our Dutch Brow Masters Elisa, Jenniree and Manouk. Dive into easy, flexible, and in-depth education on the latest trends and techniques, and gain the knowledge and know-how to implement this new Airbrush technique directly into your beauty salon.

  • Cleansing
    Regularly cleaning the Airbrush Brow Machine after every brow treatment is crucial. Cleaning your Airbrush keeps it running smoothly. When you don't clean it, the leftover dye causes blockages and in the end malfunctions. If you don't cleanse your machine properly, the warranty rules don't apply.

    Learn how to clean airbrush here.

    This product has a 3-month warranty period. You can only use this product with our Liquid Dye and Airbrush Developer. This warranty extends to cover manufacturing defects and any issues related to the machine failing to power on or start-up. It's important to bear in mind that the warranty does not apply to general operational issues. Such problems typically arise due to inadequate cleaning, improper assembly, or the use of incompatible products.

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Ysabel Guzman

Airbrush Machine

tessa vandendriessche
Nog wat zoeken

Nog wat zoeken naar juiste ratio, alsook het uitkuisen.

Lynneth Rodriguez
Airbrush Machine

Love it! Its easy to asable and use and arrived on time thank you.

Love it!

Was heel benieuwd naar deze trend, dus wilde het graag uitproberen. Werkt smooth als je het eenmaal doorhebt.

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