Superchilly Beauty Fridge: UK Edition

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Stay Cool. Our exclusive Superchilly Beauty Fridge is the newest way to keep your favorite brow products and skincare fresher so that it lasts longer!  Store your gua sha stones, jade rollers, serums, creams and so much more to extend the shelf life of your products! Experience cool, crisp skincare products that result in extra benefits such as: 

  • Minimizing acne
  • Reducing puffiness and swelling 
  • Tightening skin

Our fridge comes with a removable shelf (not pictured) and holds 4L of products. For UK outlets only.

  • Limited Time Only  Exclusive Design Both Warm and Cool Settings
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Product specifications: 
Measurements: 290 x 350 x 405mm
Gross Weight: 4.6kgs
Power: 50-55W
Cooling system: Thermoelectric Cooling
Functions: Cooling & Warming
Volt: 12/24/110/220V
Heating: 50-65°C by thermostat
Cooling: Down to 8°C at 25°C ambient
*Note! This fridge has a UK plug only

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