Face Climax Massage Oil


Brow Seducer.


Facial oil with green coffee bean and rosehip moisturizes, awakens and restores skin for a healthy, strong glow. Infused with agar wood which acts an an aphrodisiac, as well as reignites ones sense of well-being. Best used with Browgasm Gua Sha stone. Cold pressed, organic and pure.

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  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Moisturizes and awakens
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Massage into face with Browgasm stone for a seductive face-capade that will:

  • Lift and plump tired, baggy eyelids 
  • Help visibly firm your natural facial contour
  • Reignite your skin's natural glow
  • Guaranteed to give you a browgasm 

Apply a dropper full of oil to hands and massage into face with browgasm stone. Keep away from eyes.

Ingredients: Green coffee bean oil, Rosehip Oil and Agar wood fragrance oil

10ml/.34 fl oz

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The yogi in me was immediately swept away by the incense-like fragrance of this rich oil. I love using it as a face massage oil in combination with the Gua Sha stone, but a few drops as a serum before moisturiser does wonders for dry winter skin too. It's easily absorbed and the smell lingers around. Really nice!


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