Grammy's Roundup: Best Brows on the Red Carpet

In case you missed the Grammy's this year, no need to fret. We admired all the looks and decided to do a roundup of our favorite red carpet beauty looks. We saw some we loved, we saw some we'd pass on...but mostly, we saw some fierce brow action and we need to show you our top picks!


1. Dua Lipa

This bold goddess definitely got our seal of approval! The contrast of the bold, bright, pop of colour on her eyes with a neutral lip was stunning! We love that she  went for an unconventional eyeshadow and we definitely have no complaints about her full, thick, bold brows either!



2. Grace Elizabeth

Sometimes, less is more! We LOVE this glowy, light but smouldering and seductive look on Grace Elizabeth. Her brows are full, natural, and stand out with her warm smoky eye for a sexy and elegant touch!

3. H.E.R.

H.E.R gave us fun, flirty, edgy vibes with her makeup and overall look! We love the subtle pops of colour and the shape of her brows. Paired with her large, peach, square frames--the look was great altogether!

4. Billie Eilish 

Billie never really disappoints but this was definitely one of the more eye-catching looks on the red carpet! The bright, vibrant green matched her nails perfectly. But what caught our eye were her feathered, bold, *seemingly laminated* brows. We are all for it!


5. Billy Porter 

Although we cannot see his eyebrows, we are living for this look in its entirety! The teal, icy, rhinestone vibes are everything and more. Complete with rhinestone encrusted bell bottoms, a diamond choker, silver shimmer lips, and best of all--a remote controlled chandelier hat that opened and closed upon his desire--we say YES to the whole look. 

What were your favorite looks from the Grammy's? Let us know your thoughts!


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