Fearless Woman Friday: Sandra Downie

This week we are highlighting a lovely #browboss by the name of Sandra, owner of Amenda Beauty in Connecticut. Sandra is a holistic esthetician and makeup artist and has been working in the field since 2005. She explains that she originally started loving the industry after noticing how brows transform someone’s face and the overall transformation process of attaining healthy skin for clients.

She started by working for Benefit, at their world known Brow Bar. Upon leaving Benefit, she opened a successful skin and acne studio. She mentions that, ironically, brows were her number one requested service! She explains that she closed that business after a very traumatic time in her personal life, and she felt that she was done with the beauty industry. What we admired about Sandra and her story is how real, raw, and honest she was with personal struggle and emotion. It’s so easy to put on a happy face and a “strong” facade when it comes to business, social media, and being a female entrepreneur--but Sandra explains it in a much more honest and relatable approach. She went through a severe depression and felt lost as to what was next in her life. After a few years out of the business, she says: “I thought to myself one day, why am I missing out on helping women feel beautiful in their skin? I knew right there and then I needed to somehow get back to what I love.” This is admirable and goes to show that when you hit a low, it sometimes brings you higher than you’ve ever been before. She explains that an opportunity came to her for a studio space and she decided to go for it! 

Thus, Amenda Beauty was born. She decided to make her salon stand out with specializing in not only brows, but holistic healing in acne and skin care. When asked who her inspirations are for making it this far and leading by example; she says: Indie Lee, Kate Somerville, Anastasia. Beverly Hills and Kim Kardashian. “These are all beauty boss babes I've seen start their brands and grow them successfully while managing to be multifaceted in the beauty industry.”

When asked what she loves most about what she does, she says it’s seeing the smiles people get on their face after receiving a service. Sandra’s advice for any young woman starting her own business is not to give up. Whatever you need to do, you do it. Start with finding a good mentor and utilizing Instagram as a marketing tool. “It's highly underrated for its ability to drive business,” she says. 

Some fun facts about herself that Sandra shares with us is that she got voted best smile in high school (obviously, have you seen her perfect cheeeeese?) She grew up equally in both Brooklyn and Springfield, MA and she prefers baths over showers (LOL). See more on her site here.


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