This weeks fearless feature is owner of Browyonce, Jackie Gerasia. Jackie caught our eye with her exceptional brows-formations on clients, she is an avid Supercilium user and creates some beautiful work!


Jackie has a great story that many girls can relate to. Let’s start from the beginning: prior to changing women’s perceptions of themselves with fabulous brows–she was a dental assistant for nine years. She then went on to school for skin care and started doing brows in her living room, before renting a space inside a hair studio. Fast forward two years, Browyonce is born and now she opened up her own salon suite!

Jackie explains that growing up, she was actually awkward as ever! This is extremely important to note, as so many of us women can relate to this aspect, but few are able to admit this. Society puts so much pressure on all of us to act, feel, and look a certain way–especially in the beauty industry and trying to persevere in such a competitive field. Besides this, social media makes it virtually impossible to see ALL the aspects of someone, someone’s life, business, etc. So mainly, you see the good stuff, the beautiful shots, the perfect moments–but often people miss this part. The part where its difficult, the struggle of fitting in, bullying, being judged, etc. That’s why we admire her for standing out, not caring what people think, and pushing through those barriers.

“I always tried to hard to fit in to groups, I was picked on for the way I looked and I always felt out of place. There came a time when I stopped caring about anyone or anything and I put my head down and worked hard until those same girls were asking me for an eyebrow appointment.”

Jackie mentions that her biggest inspiration is Kelley Baker. She inspired her to pursue a career in brows. She says that shaping brows has given her a confidence and purpose–which she intends on sharing with every woman that comes in contact with her. Can we get an AMEN? She says that making women feel good about themselves is what she loves most about her job. She loves being able to provide women with a once a month 30 minute getaway for them to just unload all of their issues on her. She says that when her girls come to her feeling safe and comfortable to talk to her about anything, it makes everything that much more meaningful.

What drives me to be fearless is simply just happiness. I saw a quote once that changed everything for me: “if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help them build theirs.”

Jackie encourages ANY woman thinking about starting their own business to just go ahead and DO IT! She says jump in full force. Don’t worry about what people think, say, or how much work it will be in the long run. Just focus on the end goal and keep fighting until you get there. Eventually, there comes a day when you will be on the other side of the struggle and work is no longer JUST work, its your passion!

Besides being a brow boss, Jackie is a mom to handsome 1 year old boy and got engaged on Christmas morning to her fiance, Mikey. She says that her motivation to continue being a #browboss and inspiration to many of us, is the ability to make her own schedule and not miss a moment of her baby boy growing up!


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