The New Supercilium Brow Care Collection

26.05.2021 von Rinaily Bonifacio

Introducing the NEW must-have products of Supercilium: The Prep Peel Gel and the Nourishing Aftercare Balm! Two highly requested treatments by the brow artist community worldwide!

A true brow lover knows that there is nothing more important than BROW CARE! When you look around at the current eyebrow products today, one thing that's missing from every brow lover's routine is a pre and post brow care treatment. This is why we here at Supercilium believed it was time to bridge this gap!

Meet the new products of Supercilium: The Prep Peel Gel and the Nourishing Aftercare Balm!

The Supercilium Prep-Peel Gel

As we know, clean brows are essential for the results of a brow treatment. The Prep Peel Gel works as an exfoliant that prepares the brows for treatments such as brow henna, tint, powder brows and micro-blading. Once applied, the Prep Peel Gel will remove dead skin and unclog the pores, preparing the brows for treatment.

Prep Peel Gel

The Supercilium Prep Peel Gel contains 4% AHA ( Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) which removes the top layer of dead skin cells. This increases the thickness of skin, boosting product absorption. The Prep Peel Gel will increase the brow treatment penetration, extending the longevity of the brow treatment. 

How to use the Prep-Peel Gel

The Prep Peel Gel should always be applied after waxing on the brow hairs and brow area. Apply a pea sized amount of the Prep Peel Gel to each brow and massage it gently into the brow hairs and skin for 15 - 30 seconds. Remove the Prep Peel Gel with the Supercilium Pro Cleanser and proceed with the brow treatment.

The Supercilium Nourishing Aftercare Balm 

One very important part of any brow treatment is aftercare. Proper aftercare can ensure longer-lasting results while also making sure the brow recover properly from chemical treatments. The Nourishing Aftercare Balm is perfect for brow treatments such as henna brows, tint, powder brows, micro-blading and also tattoos. 

Nourishing Aftercare Balm

The Nourishing Aftercare Balm is infused with CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) which is high in vitamin E and fatty acids which nourishes brow skin and strengthens the brow hairs, thereby encouraging brow hair growth.

The Nourishing Aftercare Balm also contains SPF 30 which protects the brows from the sun while nourishing the skin to recover after brow treatments such as powder brows and micro blading.

How to apply the Nourishing aftercare Balm

The Supercilium Nourishing Balm can be used after any brow treatment. Apply a pea-sized amount on each eyebrow on the treated area with a cotton swab or pad. Leave the balm on and proceed with your skincare or make up routine. Apply the Supercilium Nourishing aftercare brow Balm once daily to keep the brows and area protected. 

Aside from being vegan and cruelty free, These Supercilium brow care products are suitable for all brow treatments and work well with all skin types. The Prep Peel Gel and Nourishing Aftercare Balm are the perfect addition to brow services of beauticians. Aside from adding these products to their brow services, beauticians can also sell these products to their clients, increasing their income. 

These new additions to the Supercilium collection are without a doubt, a MUST-HAVE for every brow lover. 

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