Fearless Women Friday: Stephanie & Elisa

For our Fearless feature of the week, we are highlighting two of our top trainers! These fearless ladies exhibit talent, strength, and entrepreneurism to the fullest and we’d love to give you a bit of background on them and how they got started in the business. 

This week, we  are going to Olympia Beauty Fair in London to showcase our products, meet a bunch of our UK #browbosses, and have our founder, Manouk, speak for the first time as a keynote speaker in their PMU Bootcamp. Both of these lovely ladies are joining us as our trainers to give live demos, so we found it super appropriate to tell you all a bit more of their stories!

Stephanie has been in the beauty industry for over 13 years now and tells us that she actually wasn’t too keen on even pursuing college at first. She says: “Originally I only agreed to go to college so my parents didn’t make me get a full time job or leave home.” She surprised herself when she began to love what she pursued and continued to work in the beauty industry ever since. 

She has two daughters and a baby boy, and she explains that her children are her main inspirations and drive to be fearless. She wants them to know its alright to pursue WHATEVER you feel passionate about and that all is possible with the right mindset. In regards to what she loves most about what she does, she says she loves creating new things, transforming brows, and most importantly--meeting new people, making them laugh, giving them advice and being a person that provides them with a listening ear. 



If giving advice to young women who are looking to start their own business, she says she has two mottos that she lives by. The first being, “it’s better to regret doing something you did, than doing nothing at all.” She advises all young women to take whatever opportunities arise because you never, NEVER, know where they could lead. Stephanie’s other favorite motto is “say yes now and figure it out later.” She mentions Richard Branson as a figure she greatly admired in terms of business mentality. Stephanie also shares that she LOVES learning. She earned a degree in Business and Accounting, followed by receiving an award for education and training so that she could pursue opening up her own training school, RS Beauty School--and works as a trainer for Finishing Touches Group. 

Our other all star trainer is Elisa. Elisa is based out of a small town in the South of the Netherlands called Rosmalen. She owns her own beauty salon called Perfection Elements, whom we work closely with and often produce and train with. Elisa explains that her hobby is actually her job because she is so passionate about it! She says that she could “work forever and NEVER get bored”. 

“I like to travel and discover different cultures, habits and meet people.”

Elisa began to specialise herself in external care and followed beautician, makeup, and nail styling courses in 2015. Upon successful completion of the courses in 2017, she opened up Perfection Elements as an exclusive beauty salon--which happens to be located on the second floor of her own house! 

Elisa mentions that her biggest inspiration is her grandmother, “she has always been there for me and gives me the best advice. She always tells me to fight for what I want, and that I will get there with the right attitude.” 

In regards to the best part of her job, she says meeting people and doing what she loves takes the crown. She says that everybody’s dream is to have a job they truly love and that she is such a lucky woman because her dream came true!

If there is one piece of advice she would give young entrepreneurial women who are starting out in the industry, its: “work hard and go for it, because no dream is too big. Step into a room like you own it. Present yourself strong and successful and never stop dreaming. Think big, SO big that you will be jealous of yourself!”


Some interesting facts about Elisa are that her biggest fear is actually mosquitos, they give her goosebumps! She loves taking pictures of dachshund, Lyonn (see below!) The most interesting of all, her career actually started when she was in high school! She had a case with two tweezers and brow paint, she went around her village by bike to provide everyone with beautiful eyebrows!

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