When scrolling through our tagged posts, something out of the ordinary caught our eye. It wasn’t even the photo, it was really the caption. It read: “The ‘C’ word…there’s absolutely no way we were letting that stop us!!” As we read on, we realised what ‘c’ word we were referencing. Cancer. Then we tried to understand the connection between cancer and a tagged post of our products, and soon after we fell in love with Priya Dhanecha.

What originally shone a spotlight on Priya and her business, Elite Brow Artistry–was the fact that she openly disclosed that she offers free brow treatments to anyone who has gone/is going through cancer. This, in itself, was a remarkably kind offer that we can’t highlight enough. However, her story is even more inspiring and she deserves our full attention.
Priya started off working for Christian Dior 15 years ago. With a few twists and turns along the way, life brought her to an office as a Project Manager for 8 years before changing her life entirely and following her passion.
"I’ve always loved being in beauty, but hated the stereotypes associated with the industry so I thought going into a corporate role was the solution. I soon realised that actually some of the most powerful business women I know are in beauty!" 
In 2016, after one year away from work–Priya realised her passion for brows specifically. She says that she is inspired by many different artists in the industry and was lucky enough to get a spot in the London Brow Daddy Masterclass as a VIP!
When it comes to being fearless, Priya says that her husband, Dillon is her drive and support. She mentions that since day one he’s encouraged her to be the best version of herself and uplifts her in every way.

"In the earliest days of our relationship I had the job that supported his dreams and he’d always promised me that one day that would turn around. In 2017 with him by my side, I found the confidence to leave the safety of my full time job and build Elite Brow Artistry."

Priya says that what she loves most about her work is making a positive impact on peoples lives. “In a world where beauty has become so important and has resulted in so many girls losing confidence in themselves. what I love about brows is that it’s irrelevant of all of the insecurities we have as women, such as body shape, size, height etc. Who can deny it, every face looks better with beautiful brows.” Yasss Priya, can we get an AMEN for that?

When asked why Priya does what she does, she explains that her dad passed away two years ago from cancer. She says that this influenced her decision to start Elite Brow Artisty, and make it her own success to make her father proud. Priya says that her dad’s illness showed her first hand how cancer severely impacts a persons confidence and sense of self worth, they lose a part of themselves. Whether it be hair, fit bodies, or a persons warm and free spirited nature–it all becomes replaced with worry and fear. For Priya’s father, he inspired his daughter with his strength and courage to fight on and she did something so unique, that we must highlight it for the world to know.

Most people who are hurt, hurt others. Its an inevitable truth. When you feel pain, its very easy to instil pain onto others. What makes Priya fearless and a prime example of what we need more of in the world is the fact that something as devastating as losing her father to cancer didn’t make her spread her pain and anger elsewhere–but rather inspired her to help others dealing with the same thing. Healing others’ pain, with warmth and generosity. Priya provides free brow treatments for all women undergoing chemotherapy or cancer related treatments.

Giving free brow treatments to women who may feel a part of them is missing is just my little way of helping them tap in to their own reserves of strength and courage so that they are able to stand tall in the face of adversity

When Priya isn’t setting a prime example of humility and giving women 5 star brows, she spends her time traveling, reading, with her kitty Dora, and loving her some Elvis.

If there’s anything she can advise young women about following their dreams its that: “dreaming it isn’t enough, believing you can do it is a great step forward, but taking action towards making it happen–that’s where the magic’s at!” 

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