Fearless Woman Friday: Nikkie De Jager

This week, we decided to do a special fearless woman feature on someone we’ve admired and respected for a while on a personal, creative, and inspirational aspect. As a Dutch brand from Amsterdam, we love, admire, and always try to support the Dutch beauty industry—making this fierce lady even more special for us to write about.

Earlier this week, Dutch beauty blogger, Nikkie De Jager made a very personal and intimate video expressing a close part of her life. We loved every bit of it. Nikkie, or as most people know her, @nikkietutorials, has been a vital part of the beauty industry for over a decade now. She started making YouTube makeup tutorials years and years before influencer marketing and how-to makeup videos blew up on social media. Nikkie in certain ways, originated much of the content you see on social media today and served as un-traditional type of beauty influencer to many people as well as aspiring make up artists. 
De Jager began uploading videos to Youtube in 2008, and truly worked her way up the ladder. She started by attending a makeup school in Amsterdam called B-Academy to then signing with an agency and working professionally as a makeup artist. She then became the head makeup artist for RTL5's show,  I Can Make You a Supermodel. In 2017, Forbes magazine named her one of 10 top beauty influencers. As of last year, it was announced that Nikkie would become the Global Beauty Adviser for Marc Jacobs Beauty. Nikkie has served as an inspiration to so many different people, worked so hard, and risen her Youtube channel to 13 million subscribers with over 1.2 billion video views!
Which is why the video that she posted this week was so different from any other video she had previously shared. Nikkie openly came out for the first time, to all 13 million subscribers, as being transgender.
As joyous and liberating of an occasion this could have been, unfortunately--Nikkie explained that she was actually blackmailed into sharing this with the world. She explained that her freedom to decide if and when this would have been exposed, was taken from her. However, she mentioned that she has decided to take her freedom, courage, and voice back--and do it herself. She says that she felt liberated and "always wanted to share this" with her fans. 


"When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body, which means that I am transgender," Nikkie continued. "It's so surreal saying this. Filming this video is scary, but it feels so liberating and freeing. I've been wanting to share this side of myself to all of you for so long but I could never figure out the timing."

With something as personal as gender, sex, transitions, orientation, etc. We can't even imagine what it must feel like to have this freedom of expression or lack thereof stripped from you. Especially with massive audience of millions of people knowing you, seeing you, and watching you daily. We admire, respect, and can't emphasize enough how encouraging it is to see Nikkie rise above and take her voice and freedom back.

Nikkie made a wonderful point of saying that nothing has changed about her. She will always be herself and true to herself at the end of the day. She instead, encouraged all others who are battling this within themselves to know that "if you're feeling trapped, just know that it gets better." She said she decided to go public so that all others who are struggling with this issue or being pressured into coming out--know that they can take their freedom back and know that they aren't alone.

“The last thing I want in my life is for you to not trust me anymore or to look at me with different eyes. Or look at me in a different manner. ... At the end of the day I am still Nikkie,” she said.

Following her inspiring message, we can't find anyone better to highlight than this strong, beautiful, and inspiring woman. You go Nikkie, onze sterke en mooi vrouw!


Watch her full video here:

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