From the catwalk to this months Cosmo cover (you go, girl!), Loiza Lamers is a fearless face that is inspiring us. This Fearless Woman Friday we are highlighting her blossoming career, recent achievements and always flawless brows!

At the age of 10 Loiza began her gender transition, and was featured in a 2015 documentary called Van Lucas naar Luus, which is Dutch for “From Lucas to Luus”. At the age of 18, she took the leap and underwent sex reassignment surgery.

She was working as a hairdresser when she decided to audition for the Next Top Model. A short two years after her reassignment surgery, in 2015, she was the first transgender ever to compete in Holland’s Next Top Model and won! She was offered a modelling contract but decided not to accept, with the goal to make it on her own in this world. That she has!

Today Loiza is achieving her dreams as a beautiful, aspiring model. She has appeared on the runway at MBFW, in international campaigns and is largely involved in the LBGT community.

You keep being fearless, Loiza! Your beautiful spirit and inner drive is contagious.

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