We love featuring different women and fearless leaders every week or so. As a Dutch company based in the Netherlands, we wanted to highlight some very special women this week: the Dutch Women’s Football League…or soccer if you’re from the US!

For those who don’t know, the Dutch team beat Sweden with a dramatic goal this Wednesday in their semifinal match. At the very last moment, Jackie Groenen scored the only and winning goal–which means the Dutch ladies have secured a spot against the US in Sunday’s final match!

The reason why we find it important to highlight this is because of how drastically times have changed! In an article in the Los Angeles Times, its stated that: “A little more than a decade ago, women’s soccer in the Netherlands received so little respect, the girl who would go on to become the country’s best player had to join a boys’ team because that’s all there was.”

Women’s soccer was not previously recognised, it was repeatedly banned and there wasn’t even a Netherlands individual league at first–it was a combined Belgian-Dutch league in 2012. The Netherlands’ coach Sarina Wiegman said: “Women need to have the guts to make the choices and take risks to go for higher positions, but what we need to do as women is show that we have qualities.”

Each of the ladies on the team have their own personality, fierceness, pride, and are all incredibly diverse. Its incredibly inspiring to read about ladies like these who have seen the transition period within the League and sports in general– and continue to work hard, breathe passion, and showcase their talent with each match. We are proud to be based in the Netherlands and we wanted to share some national pride and take a moment to recognise some fearless ladies that we don’t always mention!

We will be watching the Sunday match and rooting for both sides of fearless football ladies making history!

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