For this weeks fearless feature, we decided to turn the spotlight to Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of the beauty brand, Glossier.

In case you weren’t an avid Forbes reader, Glossier received over $10 million in funding during its FIRST year, as well as having 10,000 people on a waiting list for two of their products (lipstick)! So what makes this brand so successful and Glossier goddess behind it so fearless? We decided to investigate and here’s the scoop:


Emily Weiss actually started as a beauty columnist for Teen Vogue magazine. Effortlessly fabulous, right? She was naturally a storyteller who was intrigued by the beauty industry–yet felt as though most brands were “talking at her” rather than offering inclusivity of real women, connection, and realistic beauty standards. She wanted to change that.

She started a beauty blog while doing an internship at the magazine, which became a side project of hers. This “side project”, “Into the Gloss”, now takes in over 1.5 million unique views per month. So how did she go from blog to billions?


Weiss would candidly ask different famous women and beauty moguls what their daily beauty routines were, as well as product reviews and recommendations. She would basically give you an inside look on their regimes without physically taking you into their vanity area. It differed from other blogs because the concept was intended to give different women a platform that expressed different styles, expression, and beauty.

When I started Into The Gloss, I wanted to make beauty as much of an element of personal style as fashion. As I interviewed hundreds of women, I became more and more aware of how flawed the traditional beauty paradigm is. It has historically been an industry based on experts telling you, the customer, what you should or shouldn’t be using on your face.
—Emily Weiss, CEO


Funded by a women-led venture capital firm, Glossier was then born in 2014. A combined effort of Into The Glossgaining an immense audience, with effective marketing, funding, and communal inclusivity gave way to a an upcoming billion dollar brand. Fast forward, one year later, Emily Weiss was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for successful young entrepreneurs in 2015 for Glossier skyrocketing into the beauty industry with a bang.

To continue spreading the concept of “women supporting each other through shared opportunities,” Weiss keeps mainly all of her staff women, and constantly expressed her pride in Glossier not only being funded by–but completely ran by women.

She also makes sure to personally go through customers’ forum topics and questions/comments and reply herself to each concern so that the brand remains based on a community and collective identity. Emily also ensures that the company remains accessible to women of lower incomes as well. She mentions that a primary goal of Glossier is that it must remain affordable to all women of different societal calibers.

And with that alone, Emily Weiss is changing the game in the beauty industry. She strives to make women of all different backgrounds, skin colours, and identities feel comfortable and beautiful in their own individuality. That’s what we call a limitless brand, and a fearless woman behind it.


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