Brow Gasm: a combination of long standing techniques like Shiatsu, Gua Sha and deep tissue massage to release stress and tension in the upper face area. 

Gua Sha Massage 

The Gua Sha massage is a centuries old massage technique derived from traditional chinese medicine. It is used to stimulate lymphatic drainage through massages and ensures a better flow of blood and energy. 

The Gua Sha treatment contains various massage techniques to relieve blockages in the neck and back, or any other muscles. The Gua Sha treatment is performed using a scraping technique using a rose quartz or a crystal stone.  By using the scraping method the body can remove waste products from the body that cause complaints and diseases through the Gua Sha technique.


During the treatment a special Gua Sha oil is applied. Massage the skin with the Gua Sha stone on the place where the oil has been applied. The massage stimulates the blood circulation in the skin and can cause red spots on the body.

Gua Sha Facials

Nowadays, the Gua Sha stone is used as a beauty tool as well for facials and Gua Sha facials. The Gua Sha stone for facials comes in several shapes and sizes. You can go for a rose quartz heart shape, a odacité crystal contour gua, or a jade Gua Sha. 

The massage technique used as a beauty treatment to keep the skin naturally young and to combat wrinkles on the face. With the Gua Sha facial massage, the technique is used on the face, neck and décolleté. The Gua Sha massage technique for the face is very relaxing. In addition, it improves blood flow and ensures lymph circulation in the face to stimulate collagen production. All in all, it improves the quality of the skin by removing waste products, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and leaving the skin looking firmer and healthier. Now who doesn’t want that? 

Get your Pro Gua Sha tools and give your customers the most relaxing treatment they will never forget!


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