Small Angled & Spoolie brush

Double the fun 

With the Small Angled + Spoolie Brush every brow turns into a Eye Catcher. This high quality brush is made from fine and short synthetic hairs that will help to create defined edges. Perfect tool for Brow Henna, tint and make up like powder and pomade. The spoolie is perfect to blend makeup into the skin and brush the hairs in every desired direction.  

long lasting

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  • The Small Angled + Spoolie Brush is the brush that needs to be in every brow artists toolset. At Supercilium we produce high quality products and only work with the best resources. This brush is made from Synthetic short hair that will help to give the right pressure on the skin for highly defined lines. With a copper ferrule and wooden handle we make sure that the brush will not break. It is the perfect brush for Brow Henna, tint and make up. The spoolie is perfect to brush the brows and blend make up.

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  • Brow Henna & tint
    Take the brush and dip it in the Brow Henna mixture. Don’t use too much henna. Start at the tail of the brow and stamp the Brow henna into the skin. Use a tapping technique for henna to have the mixture penetrate into the skin better. Work from the tail to the centre to the starting point of the brow. Blend the Henna really well for an equal result. 

    Make up 
    For applying make-up. Dip the brush in the make up, make sure you don’t have too much on the brush and apply on the brow. Make swiping movements and make sure you blend the make up really well for a natural effect. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My favorite brush!

I don't like to have too many brushes, this brush is such a nice combination of the two most used brushes as a browartist. Also, I like the quality of the brush.

We totally agree! Thank you for this review Yara!

2 in 1 product! So handy!

This product is literally a life safer. It is a 2 in 1 product. I am always looking for my spoolie but now it is already on the other side of the brush. This is so great!

We totally agree! Definitely a 2 in 1 product! Thanks for this great review.