Tinting & Laminating Brows Together

 Supercilium Brow Glaze

If only we had a dollar for every time we were asked this! This is a million-dollar question because many people are curious about combining the two treatments together for the ultimate, perfectly sculpted, lifted, bold brows with color. Although this sounds like a perfect combo, we are here to clear the air once and for all whether this is doable or not.

Per Supercilium standards, we are always most concerned about the safety of our beauticians and their clients. Therefore, we can only suggest what we would do and how we would go about it, but ultimately--of course the decision is up to the brow artist or beautician who is doing the treatment!

Let's use your hair at a hair salon for a prime example. Pretend your eyebrows are the same as the hair on your head. Many stylists at salons prefer to split up your services or treatments depending on the damage or strength, so that you don't end up getting your hair bleached, toned, recoloured, styled, and trimmed all in one sitting. This isn't done because they love seeing you so many times in one month--this is done for the safety and health of your hair follicles--so you don't over damage your hair! This is very similar to the brows. The brows are also composed of the same hairs and although henna and lamination are not THAT damaging as bleach, it still processes and this does of course affect your skin and hairs in some way!

Brow lamination can technically be done in conjunction with henna--however, we advise our trainers and brow artists to simply wait. The results will be better, last longer, and you will reduce risk of over processing your clients hairs. What we recommend is doing the lamination FIRST, then waiting 48 hours and proceeding with the henna dye. Many artists prefer to do it the other way around, however; this is most logical because if you do the henna initially, you can risk it wearing off must quicker if you follow with the lamination afterward as its a chemical solution that perms the hairs upright. This solution could definitely wear the henna dye off immensely and we don't want that. 

Which is why we say, go for giving your client the lamination--then wait 48 hours and advise your client to keep water and oil based products away from the brows. After the 48 hours, its SO much easier to then wax and tint the brows! You have so much more control over the look since the hairs are all pointed in one direction, they look so much fuller and easier to work with. The final touches of tinting and then waxing/cleaning up around and underneath the brows give you the ultimate satisfaction and perfect brow pics!

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