The obsession over #BrowsOnFleek

11.09.2019 - CODE Admin

Have you ever wondered how the world of beauty shifted from worrying about overplucking a few eyebrow hairs to searching for the algebraic formula for the perfect arched brows? We have safely dismissed the concept of tweezing and having “decent” looking brows. Now, we are full on obsessed. From waxing, to threading, to henna, microblading, HD brows, tattoos and brow perms--we are here to explore, why #browsonfleek have become our latest obsession. 

Lately many scientists have researched the eyebrow in a historical, social and psychological way to conclude one thing-- eyebrows are everything. In the past 100 years, eyebrows have changed just as much as fashion trends--if not more. 

If we look back to the 2000s, our eyebrows were almost missing. Most of us plucked them all out or left them stencil then, then we drew them back on in a line thinner than a sheet of paper. The last years we like them bold, natural, strong and more dominant (statement brows). Tinting and threading for thicker looking brows went up in searches by 50% nationwide on 2015. The question is: why is the first thing we have started to notice about their person; their eyebrows? A few things: 


Your brows = your barcode. Brows set your face apart from anyone else's face, you essentially will never find no two people with the same exact brows--thus making them such a powerful feature on each person’s face. If you think about it, what do strong, thick brows scream at you? Fierce. Fearless. Bold. This is perhaps why we have abandoned the trend of thinner looking brows, as statement brows do most of the talking for you. If you think about it, any expression or emotion you could possibly feel would not be possible without your brows. Thus, the importance of our brows looking “on fleek” has hit an all time high as it speaks to others before you can even open your mouth!

Dermatologist Kenneth Beerfeels that “brows are rightly considered an art form because if one changes the brows it will signal totally different emotions. In addition, certain brows are so distinctive that people tend to mimic them.”

Perfect Brows = What flaws? 

Nice, evenly shaped, full brows, completely conceal any other flaws you may feel reluctant about on your face. Whether its an uneven nose, small or hooded eyes or eyelids, low or high hairline, etc. Correcting your eyebrow shape can almost correct your face itself. Knowing the right kind of brow shape for your specific face and flaws you feel uncomfortable with can elongate, add dimension, and restructure your face for the better. 

Symmetrical Stunner

If we are discussing the structure of the face, then we can’t leave out how eyebrows have become the symbol of facial symmetry. That is why we, as well as many beauticians often map the eyebrow and use various techniques to draw a perfect shape. 

In the beauty industry, symmetry became more important than ever as a symbolof true beauty. Symmetrical brows are like a frame that give the face balance and impression. Although Supercilium likes to emphasize imperfections are just as beautiful as symmetry, we can’t deny that we can appreciate a pair of thick, bold brows on any face. A pair of well shaped, even brows will even your face out and land directly in eyesight of someone looking at you--hence our immediate attention to perfect brows or ones that may not suit our taste at times!

We don’t know what the future has in store for us in terms of brow trends but we do know that beautiful, even shaped, bold brows will always be in our forefront. As for brow crazes, we will stick to our brow henna, which allows your to choose your shade and shape out the perfect set of sister brows for your face shape and accentuate your favourite features on yourself. Check what shade you would need here.

We love the personality behind the face and we we know that well-defined eyebrows make this personality speak even louder. Falsies, contouring, and botox doesn’t work for everyone--but every woman feels powerful with a beautiful set of brows.