Must-Knows Before Your First Henna-Brow Tinting

In case you're new to the brow-tinting trend and unsure of what to expect for your first appointment, we're here to break it down for you. Brow tinting isn't just about getting darker looking brows. It includes improving the overall shape of your brows, complements your facial features, and helps you get away with less makeup daily. The procedure includes improving color, shape and appearance of thickness in brows. 

Although you can combine tinting with waxing, threading and plucking--the procedure itself doesn't actually include the removal of any hair. Many people combine the henna-brow treatment with a wax either prior or following the tint itself. There is plenty of speculation on waxing ONLY after the brows have been tinted in order to prevent the "open" hair follicles from being irritated or infected with the tint if done prior, but we haven't encountered this issue ever. You tint the brow hairs, not the area where the hairs are waxed--so this shouldn't be an issue. 

Here are the main things you should expect from your first appointment:


This is a critical part of any person who is starting a henna treatment for the first time. You can never be 100% sure of your allergies to any product until you test it, which is why we urge and REQUIRE all brow artists to give a patch test to new clients at LEAST 48 hours prior to their first appointment. You perform the patch test on their arm, by just applying some of the mixed henna dye and waiting to see if the skin reacts negatively within the next two days. 


This is definitely not a procedure that should be done by your favorite Youtuber or influencer. You should do your research and find a licensed brow artist that knows what they're doing and how to properly color, shape, and and cater to your brows. Make sure you find a licensed brow technician as brow tinting is still not approved by the FDA, so there are always risks. If you have trouble finding a pro near you, you can always reach out to us and we can find a certified henna-brow specialist we work with near you!


In case you didn't already know, your brows will obviously be darker! If you have pale, light, undefined brows--then prepare for a bold new look, as tinting will give you darker brow, more dramatic arches, and your face will have extra definition. You have many options with tinting, such as: ombre brows for a more natural transition. Dark, boldly defined brows for a more dramatic look. Lighter brows for a slight definition improvement and maintaining your natural hair color. You can also mix the colors of the henna to create a perfect color match, or rather cater to your hair color if you dye it frequently. 

Just like all good things, henna brows don't last forever. Prepare to add brow tinting to your monthly beauty appointments! Henna brow tinting typically lasts on the hairs for about 6 weeks and on the skin anywhere up to 2 weeks, therefore; you will need to touch up at least once a month! Of course this varies from skin type to skin type, as each skin absorbs and reacts to dye differently.
Don't be so quick to toss out your favorite brow tools. Tinting can truly change around your whole look and give you some dreamy looking eyebrows! However, sometimes you still may want to keep your favorite brow pencil, pomade, or eyeshadow around to fill in some small gaps or touch up on your arches, highlight brow bones, etc. 
We are so excited to hear how your first time experience goes! Let us know!



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