01.07.2019 - CODE Admin

Hey brow lover! Did you know that Supercilium Brow Henna is a unique henna eyebrow tint product, based on the purest and finest henna from India and the latest techniques in hair colouring? It is long-lasting and easy to use. To understand our product, we want to tell you more about the history of henna. 

What is henna? 

Henna is a reddish-brown dye made from the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used to colour the hair and decorate the body. The latin name for henna is Lawsonia Inermis. It is a bush that grows in the north of Africa, the Middle East and India. Crushed into powder it is used to decorate the skin. Henna needs to develop for hours and leaves a red stain.  

How has henna been used? 

Henna has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair and fingernails. It has also been used to dye fabrics such as silkwool and leather. They started using henna in Africa, the Middle East and in parts of India. 

Where does henna come from?

Henna comes from the henna plant. This plant is a small tree, standing 1.8 to 7.6 m tall. The three has henna leaves, henna flowers and henna fruits. Henna leaves grow opposite each other on the stem. Henna flowers are small flowers with four sepals. The henna fruits are small, brownish capsules and open irregularly into four splits. 

Henna is a beautiful, natural product that has been used for ages. It is long-lasting and easy to use. Because our product is crafted from time-tested traditions with the best ingredients, we can keep giving women the confidence of that perfect brow, all around the world! 


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